Turning a profit: Euros bring easy money

As the Euros come to a close, it’s time for me to review how things have been going. With a matched bet here and there, I’ve been making my way through Online Betting School’s list of bookmakers to get free bets and make a profit. In total I made nearly £50 after using four bookmakers – just imagine what you could be making after using the whole list! The simplicity of matched betting combined with its potential is absolutely fantastic – after all who couldn’t use an extra bit of money on the side.


I started off this round of matched betting with William Hill, placing my first bets on the Wales vs Northern Ireland game. With the odds for each outcome being pretty close, I played around with the betting calculator to view my options. If I had placed my bet with the bookmaker on Northern Ireland, I would have had to fork out £45.97, but betting on Wales I only had to bet £21.73 in total. Placing the bet on the outcome with the lowest odds will usually mean you have to dish out the least amount of money but you have to be careful it doesn’t dip below 2.0 otherwise you may not qualify for a free bet. Online Betting School’s list of bookmakers will tell you the minimum odds for each one so you don’t need to worry. I won back £20.50, meaning I lost £1.23 but was ready to make a profit with my free bet.

I decided to bet on the England vs Iceland game, where the odds weighed heavily in favour of an England win. It just goes to show that the bookmakers don’t always get it right! I put in £38.56 of my own money, and won £50 back, meaning that with my free bet I was set to make £11.44 in profit. By some miracle Iceland won and I got my money back through Smarkets. With the betting exchange previously I was trying to withdraw my money every time my bets came through. The thing is it takes several days for the money to appear in your account and so you’ll probably be wanting to move on to betting on the next game before you have got your money back. What I have learned by placing several matched bets in a row is that when the money comes through with your betting exchange, there’s absolutely no point withdrawing the money until you’re finished. It’s better to think of that money as invested and ready to grow separately from your ‘everyday money’, rather than to withdraw your winnings after every game.

The next bookmaker I used was Paddy Power who were offering three £10 for a single £10 deposit. My initial bet went on the Poland vs Portugal game. Again as we were in the later stages of the Euros the odds were pretty close with 4.1 for Poland (meaning if you bet £1, you’ll get £4.10 back), 3.0 for the draw and 2.20 for Portugal. Unsurprisingly, Portugal won and I got £22 back from my £22.76 worth of bets. I then used my bet on the Germany vs Italy game, making a £15.27 profit. After Paddy Power I moved on to Betfair with whom I made a profit of £15.13, then with Stan James I made a profit of £11.35.

While it may sound obvious, what I realised in the last few rounds of betting was that the sooner the match is when you bet on it, the sooner you’ll make a profit. You can’t choose when a match will take place and certainly towards the end of the Euros the games were spread further apart. I found it much better to wait until the day the match took place to place my bets – that way when I was spending my own money I wouldn’t have long to wait until that money was back in my account again if I needed it. Another little tip I found useful is that it’s good to keep a list of bookmakers you’ve used and what you’ve bet on. This way you know where you’re expecting to get your money from, and you won’t forget to withdraw it!

Since my last blog I have made £49.16 in profit (including acceptable losses from initial bets). Over four bookmakers this averages at £12.29 from each! Online Betting School has multiple lists of bookmakers – just imagine the profit you could be making! I myself will be continuing with matched betting, and at a much higher frequency, hopefully making a bigger profit in a shorter amount of time.

Online Betting Calculators: An even easier way to earn money

I’ve been trying out matched betting for a few weeks now. It’s been great – risk free easy money. Nevertheless I can’t help but feel a little sad when the bookies are right and the underdog doesn’t win. When you use three different bookmakers and you put down random amounts of money to try and get your free bets, you don’t know how much money you’re going to make as it all depends on the outcome of the match.

As it turns out, there is an even easier way to get free money! It’s a little hard to understand at first but once you wrap your head around it you have guaranteed money and you know exactly how much you’re going to make before the match has even started. The way to do this is with an online betting calculator. There’s two different calculators that you use: one on one match to get your free bet, and one to turn that free bet into withdrawable money. Put in the numbers and it’ll tell you what to do.

It starts off with a bookmaker: just one bookmaker this time giving out a reasonable free bet. I chose Sky Bet from Online Betting School’s list of bookmakers as you only had to deposit £5 to get a free £20 bet. The first match I bet on was the Portugal vs Austria match, and although it ended in an uneventful 0-0, with the betting calculator I knew exactly what I was going to get out of it.

The calculator basically tells you how much to bet on each outcome in order to get your free bet without losing any money. You just put in the odds and the amount you’re going to spend in order to get your free bet (in my case, £5) and it tells you what to do to first earn back your money to then use that free bet to make a profit. I put in £18.37 of my own money in total for the first match, and won back £17.50, meaning I had an acceptable loss of just 87p whilst getting a £20 free bet from Sky Bet to use on the next match in order to get withdrawable winnings.


It may sound complicated, but to make things simple I used a betting exchange, Smarkets, to bet on two out of the three outcomes. The great thing about Smarkets is it tells you exactly how much you’re winning or losing so it’s easy to keep track of your money.

The next match I bet on was the Russia vs Wales game using my free bet. I put the £20 on Wales winning (which they did by a long shot!) and then spent £19.64 of my own money with Smarkets on the other two outcomes. The betting calculator had it so that whatever the outcome I would win £30… and I did! This therefore left me a profit of £10.36.

Free Bet to Money Converter Calculator

If you have a bit of money to spare, it’s worth a try. Online Betting School have a whole list of bookmakers and the amount each one offers in free bets which I will be working my way down for the rest of the Euros. With just five minutes placing bets, ten in total to make a profit, it’s pretty easy money. In that sense I earned a pound a minute – FAR more than I would waitressing! Furthermore this method is not only risk free but it’s far less hassle as well as there’s only one bookmaker you’re aiming to get a free bet from and the rest is kept nearly together in Smarkets.

Hopefully I’ll be making even more money using the betting calculator and Online Betting School’s list of bookmakers – I’ll tell you how it goes in my next blog. With a minimal amount of effort I could possibly be earning hundreds of pounds.