Success with Matched Betting despite Russia’s performance

And so my first week of matched betting comes to a close. If I have one thing to say it’s this: with this method although there’s none of the risk of proper gambling you still have some of the excitement! Of course I was rooting for the result that earned me the most money, but it turns out that the bookies really do know what they’re talking about and Russia never had a chance of winning either game so I could get the big bucks.

Nevertheless, here’s how it went. I started off betting my own money at three separate bookmakers which meant they gave me free bets to use next time around. I bet on two matches in total, the first one with my own money and the second with the free bets. It’s a perfect system: even though you need a bit of money to begin with, you’re guaranteed a win on both matches as you bet on every possible outcome.


I followed Online Betting School’s example page for my first time betting – they make it so much easier by giving you their method so you don’t have to worry about things going wrong. The first match was the England vs Russia Euro game, and despite the fights that went down between fans at the match, it resulted in a draw. I couldn’t believe that last cheeky goal that Russia slipped in! I would never have guessed that the match would end in a draw if it weren’t for matched betting, but as it was, the 1-1 result meant I won £16.25 on that match. I had placed £10 with Ladbrokes on an England win, giving me one £10 free bet to use later, £5 with Coral on a draw, giving me four £5 free bets to use later, and £10 with Betfair, again giving me three £10 free bets.

The next game was Russia vs Slovakia, and I was at work when the game was on so had to keep slipping out of the office to check up on what was happening with the canteen staff. I told them I had money on the game and that I was hoping for Russia to win (so that I’d get the most money!), and they simply scoffed in my face. And rightly so. Slovakia was the clear winner even though Russia again managed to slip in a sneaky solitary goal. No wonder the bookies had the odds so stacked against them. I had put down £30 on Russia winning, £20 on a draw and £10 on Slovakia winning – all with my free bets. Since Slovakia won, I made £25! Added with the £16.25 I made in the first place this gave me a total of £41.25 in winnings.

When you take into account the money I put in in the beginning, I only made £16.25 profit. This was a little annoying as it could have been a lot better if Russia had only stepped up their game, but with minimal effort I made the same amount of money as I would in 2.5 hours of waitressing! If you go to Online Betting School and take a look at the examples they have for matched betting I guarantee you too could be making very easy money. It’s simple, risk-free and completely legal and I’d thoroughly recommend it.

One thing that Online Betting School say you should do at the same time as matched betting is to use some kind of cashback site to maximise your profit. I tried to use topcashback to click through to Labrokes and earn around £15, however I’m not sure if it works because of my ad blocker. This is a really easy way to add to the amount of money you’re earning so I’d say if you’re going to do this make sure you temporarily disable your ad blocker and get that extra cash.

I’ll be placing a few more bets on the Euros, so hopefully I should be making a bit more money. I’ll be continuing to write about it so you can see how easy it is.

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