Matched betting: Taking the challenge

I’m a complete virgin when it comes to gambling and betting. I’ve watched horse racing, but have never had the guts to actually put money down. I live right by a betting shop but I’ve never been inside. The whole thing about gambling it that there is a risk of losing your money. Just look at what happened in the Premier League when the bookies didn’t even come close to predicting Leicester City’s win. Betting can lead to a big win, but it could also lead to losing everything you put into it. Or could it?

Betting is a lot easier than you’d first imagine, especially with the right help. I’m a student and I could really use the extra money. That’s why Online Betting School seems like a great place to start. They have everything you need to know about placing a bet, whether it’s on football, formula one, poker or even the lottery. They can teach you how odds work, how to bet tactically and to your advantage. To make money you have to know what you’re doing rather than just placing bets willy-nilly based on whose team colours you like the best, or which horse has the best name.

There’s one method they mention on their website: matched betting. From what I’ve read it seems too good to be true. It’s a method which takes advantage of the free bets offered by bookmakers in order to make a profit.

Online Betting School explain it like this: “It’s like a coin flip where instead of betting on heads or tails, you’re betting on heads AND tails.” Seems like great odds to me!

Say there were 3 bookies each offering a free £10 bet when you sign up, you would put one bet on a team to win, one on the other team to win, and one on a draw outcome. This way you would be guaranteed a win, at the same time minimising the amount of money you’re spending yourself. Usually it takes a little time to arrange where you’re going to put your bets, but Online Betting School have sorted it all out for you so you can easily be making hundreds of pounds all tax free!

Like I said, it seems too good to be true. It seems that not everyone is doing this because of this simple fact. Matched betting has been written about online, such as in The Guardian and I’m not the only person blogging about it, but still there are only a handful of people who take the challenge. Granted it’s only short-term solution as it is dependent on the free bets you are able to get, but for a student like myself and with the help of Online Betting School, it’s a quick way to make an easy buck.

Matched betting seems like it’s the perfect starting point for a novice gambler, hence why I’ve decided to give it a go! I’ll be using this blog to mark my journey through betting, giving details of how I make bets and why. I’ll be starting with the 2016 UEFA European Championship to show you how much you could be earning with the help of Online Betting School completely tax-free. They tell you exactly where to sign up to get free bets, how to place your money, and how much you stand to make depending on the outcome of the match.

There’s also plenty of information about betting of all different kinds and a matched betting calculator I’ll be taking a look at in a later blog. Follow me (Maria Mellor) in my journey through betting to see how you could be making some easy money.

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